Viva la backups, Gnome Web (epiphany in repos) and HDD fun

I want to use the online accounts integration in my Gnome instance.

Because of that, i've visited the Gnome Web's preferences. Accidentally, i've pressed wrong button (Manage Personal Data). My old HDD (may it live long) takes a lot of time for this to work, so i closed the window that was opened.

Screenshot showing a Gnome Web browser the Preference pop-up window, opened on a Stored Data tab. A fancy button Manage Personal Data is shown with its the gear icon

After this, i've reached the Manage Passwords option. And seen no passwords... Also i was unable to access my e-mail. The trouble is gone, but only after logoff/login cycle.

Screenshot shows a Manage Passwords button (fancy as well) inside of the Stored Data tab in the Gnome Web browser. Trouble is that it's isn't shows any passwords if pressed. Funny enough: i can not reproduce this issue any more. Issue itself isn't even depicted there

I’d never experienced such … things in Firefox. Just: Why?
PS: ps -e | grep epiphany brings nothing if Gnome Web is closed, but restart of browser isn’t solves the issue.

I can’t reproduce it.
Question: Do i need to open a bug report?
The point is that the passwords and my trashy web-content cache is supposed to be a two separate things, rather than being mixed in some related places.

Ha-ha, perse, are your serious? Such a stupid topic, just like a… wait a second!

He-he… oops…

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