Way how to resize Linux partition

Hello everybody,
i need more space for my Fedora Distribution urgently and made some of my disk free to add to the current Fedora partition.

I guess i can change the partition with gnome. I am not sure, whether i can do it, while beeing booted into my fedora partition or if it’s only possible with a live-stick?
I would appreciate to find a way, without the data in my current Fedora partition to be overwritten.

I have already tried it with gnome-disk-utility , but i can’t find a way there to “Merge” the free space to my current one.
I appreciate any tips on ways how to get this done.
Thank you in advance.

You can do a lot with file systems but to do anything on partitions, you need to boot from a Live stick.

Also, you need to provide us with the information about your file system and layout. The process changes as per filesystem. For Btrfs (and LVM) you could just add the free space to the existing volumes, with ext4 you can grow your partition (if space is next to each other), and so on.

please show us outputs of lsblk -f and paste it as “Preformatted Text” here.

For any partition or filesystem related changes, I recommend having a recent backup of anything important.