Wayland setting primary gpu(NVIDIA)

Hi there,

I recently installed Fedora 36 on my XPS 9520. It has RTX 3050 and I installed all the required drivers from rpm fusion repository(akmod-nvidia:510). However, Wayland chooses Intel gpu as primary gpu. I know that Fedora 36 came with Wayland+Nvidia by default but I can’t say same thing for my setup. How can I set primary gpu to Nvidia for wayland?

PS. It works fine with x11

$ glxinfo | egrep "OpenGL vendor|OpenGL renderer"
OpenGL vendor string: Intel
OpenGL renderer string: Mesa Intel(R) Graphics (ADL GT2)


Instructions here but might not work as expected with wayland

It’s not for wayland. I already followed that instructions for x11 but it doesn’t work for wayland. I am specifically looking for some configuration file in wayland as in x11.