We are an secondary school in Spain and we want to install Fedora on all student's laptops

We have some problems (related here I just want to install a regular Fedora Workstation system using a Kickstart file as if I did interactively but I'm unable to do it) but, beyond that, I’d like to know if there’s some program from Fedora to support schools in order to help in maintenance advising, uses of educational resources, Fedora’s merchandising discounts…

In summary: we want to start collaborating in Fedora community (note we’re going to migrate near 600 laptops from Windows to Fedora!) in a more formal and bidirectional way, if it’s possible, and if it is so, how/what could we do?

Thanks a lot


Hi @q2dg , that’s great to hear!

I’m not aware of a program currently in place to explicitly collaborate with schools/educational institutions (We’ve had some in the past, like the Campus Ambassadors programme but I don’t think that’s active any more). Fedora community members that are connected to such institutions tend to represent the community there, and they request resources from the community and facilitate communication just like any other community members would.

If you have specific technical questions, the best way would be to continue opening topics here so that community members can help.

All the information provided by the community is under a CC by SA license by default, so you can use all that freely—docs/wiki etc. Are there any specific educational resources you are looking for? We can look around for specific topics, otherwise there’s just general documentation.


As far as merchandising goes (swag?), that’s managed by the Mindshare team now. Fedora community members can request funding/swag for events etc. from them:


There’s never a shortage of contribution opportunities. There’s the Fedora Join SIG which explicitly helps new folks get started with contribution.



Thanks a lot for your so kind reply!!

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