We have a twitter for fedora why not make a mastodon

Most of the linux destros have mastodon and it is better than twitter in every aspect it is decentralized and opensource and no ads.
So we should open account in mastodon and post updates there also.
What others think.?

This has been discussed before — see Fedora in Fediverse - Fedora Discussion for one example. It’s really a matter of finding people interested in keeping up with it — posting things, and responding to incoming references.

Fedora’s social media falls under the Mindshare Committee, so that’s really the place to take this. I’d like to get a Fedora Social Media Team (under Mindshare) going, but it needs enough interested people. Previous efforts have fizzled out.

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I think it is already a glowing community in mastodon and others like aether and friendica
And moat of the major distros have accounts we are already late
Gentoo, Kde,kubuntu,ubuntu,solus,
Arch, debian, gnome, elementary qubes and list goes
So we need to open in mastodon.
And 1+ for me