Webcam background removal?

I did everything but only video delay pops up.

Do you see it under effects?

Here’s what I see when I go to add Effect Filters after installing StreamFX:

I was able to get a decent one without a green screen using the Mask with Invert Region to dial it in.

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There’s no blur effect. I will try reinstalling the plugins. Or is there a simpler way ?
These are the instructions to install the plugin.

  1. Download the latest Production or Testing release of your choice for Linux.
  2. Extract the archive to ~/.config/obs-studio/. (If you installed OBS via flatpak the correct location is ~/.var/app/com.obsproject.Studio/config/obs-studio/)
  3. Done, you can now launch OBS Studio and StreamFX should load.
    Now , which asset should I use ? I would use this one after that I would extract the archive to the correct flatpak location . Which command should I use ?

If it’s helpful, here are the blur settings that seem to work well for me:


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I used that one. Make sure to extract it all to the ~/.var/app/com.obsproject.Studio/config/obs-studio/ folder, including the plugins folder at the root of the archive and then restart OBS. You should be a splash page for it when you launch OBS if you installed it right.

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I just tried to use this for a Zoom meeting and hit this bug, for what it’s worth: Virtual Camera will start one time and will not restart until reboot · Issue #4808 · obsproject/obs-studio · GitHub

I’m using the RPM version, so maybe you’ll be lucky and not have the same issue with flatpak?

This workaround got it working for me in the meantime:

  1. Stop OBS
  2. sudo modprobe -r v4l2loopback
  3. sudo modprobe v4l2loopback
  4. Start OBS again
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How do I extract the file ?

And what are the terminal commands for the other steps ?

I have to work on my terminal commands.

You can extract it with unzip. I just used the graphical utility in gnome when I did it.

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I did that as well but I can’t open the ~/.config/obs-studio/ , how do I do that ?

Depending on the desktop environment, Alt + . or Ctrl + h should show hidden files (on *nix systems, hidden files and directories begin with a “.”)

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Nope , I can’t find the file :joy:
I would like to perform the action like in this video

Which command is the equivalent of xdg open (Ubuntu ) for Fedora ?

$ unzip -d~/.config/obs-studio/
checkdir:  cannot create extraction directory: ~/.config/obs-studio
           No such file or directory

What should I do ?

Create the directory first, via your terminal app:

mkdir ~/.config/obs-studio

It may echo that the directory already exists (see below).

Then run this command, corrected from yours above:

unzip -d ~/.config/obs-studio/

Attention here: There was a space missing in your command, before this part:


I fixed that in the command I gave you in this post. So maybe the mkdir command I gave at first isn’t even necessary, because the dir ~/.config/obs-studio/ already exists.

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Thank you , you helped me solve my issue. :kissing_heart:

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