What Can I Do to start Contributing to the Fedora Project?


What option do I have to Start to Contributing in Fedora?



The Fedora community consists of volunteers with many many interests. Developers, designers, writers, musicians—whatever you do, there’s something for you to do! :clap:

  1. A Fedora account system is required to contribute to the Fedora community. (If you are logged in to Ask Fedora here, you already have one :smile:)

  2. What Can I do for Fedora? is a great resource that helps you find something to do in Fedora. Give it a go now!

  3. A description of various contributor roles is available here. Each group has their own way of running their tasks, so please get in touch with them or read their documentation to see how to get started and join them!

  4. The easyfix tickets are a great way to get started. These are simple tasks that are great for new contributors who are still learning how things work.

  5. If you are unsure, get in touch with the Fedora Join SIG via their channels:

  6. Feel free to post in the #community:contributing-to-fedora category if you have any queries at all! The community is always happy to help!

Welcome to the Fedora community!! :champagne::champagne:

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