What is fedora iso files naming rule?

I downloaded a Fedora 30 copy from getfedora.org, and here is how it looks:


as you can see at the end of the the iso file name there is two numbers that is separated by a dot (right before .iso extension).

And this is a common thing with all .iso copies I got from getfedora.org, so there has to be some rules, etc behind this number and it should stand for something, What is it?

Searching “fedora linux iso naming rules” had no specific result on that (there was no wiki or QA about it)


The naming comes from the iteration of composes that the images go through, as part of the release validation process:



Throughout the release cycle, before a release is made, new images composed periodically from the Fedora package set. These are then tested as part of the Quality Assurance (QA) process. You can see their specific (and all release releated schedules) here:


I’ll have to double check, but I think the 1.2 suffix simply means that it isn’t the first image compose that was selected for release—it was one of the later iterations, possibly the second one.

You can ask the QA team for more details here: