What is the best active directory free in linux

hello everyone

i need install free active directory in linux

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Can you please edit your post to elaborate on what an AD is? (You should not assume that forum users will be aware of full-forms).

Hrm, so Active Directory - Wikipedia is a Windows only thing. You can’t install it on Linux (also see the section for Unix in the article).

Are you looking to add Linux machines (clients) to an active directory network, or do you want to set up a full active directory implementation (server/controller)? They are two different use-cases which require different tools (client vs server etc.). The wikipedia article has some info on the clients etc.

For a full implementation on Linux machines, Kerberos + LDAP and FreeIPA seem to be the way to go:


See also Fedora Project Documentation about Directory Servers



This depends on the features you need.
If you need compatibility with Windows, Samba has it to some extent.

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