What should the "Licensed" and "Certified" badges be called?

Discourse comes with a tutorial bot named “Discobot” — learn more about it here: Who is Discobot? | Blog.

If you follow the tutorial, you get two badges, originally called “Certified” and “Licensed”. I renamed those a very long time ago to “Read the Manual” and “Took the Tutorial”, because I don’t want to cause confusion about a) Fedora offering some kind of actual training certificate or b) software licenses.

But maybe those are not the best names. Do you have other suggestions?

Maybe just “Basic Tutorial” / “Advanced Tutorial”?

Or something more whimsical: “Disco Dancer” / “Moves Like Jagger”?

What do you think?

How about “Disco Killed the Radio Star” and “Moves like Iggy Pop”?