What's a good tag for Fedora-Infrastructure related topics?

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Any suggestions for what we should tag posts like this? My first thought was #fedora-infrastructure, but I’m not sure about that because I don’t want to end up with a million tags all starting with “fedora” for different parts of the project. And infrastructure seems wrong because it could be someone else’s infrastructure, or desktop / systemd “infrastructure”, or… trains and power grids and bridges and stuff. It’s really kind of jargon that we call our systems and team that.


I think #fedora-infrastructure is the best but we could consider #project-infrastructure as an alternative?

Reverse the words, lead with function then what.

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I suggest fedora-metanet, that is short and pregnant.

IMHO infra-team



Ah, good idea. Might not be obvious to the person making the post, but a reasonable thing to add. Plus, we could ask infra-team members to subscribe to that tag, or even configure the matrix integration to key off of it.

Although, actually… we do have an #infrastructure tag with 8 posts which all seem to be correctly related. So maybe my worries about that are unwarranted and that’ll be fine? Seems more discoverable. I guess it’s straw-poll times!

Which is the best tag to use for questions related to Fedora infrastructure?
  • #fedora-infrastructure
  • #infrastructure
  • #infra-team (or #infrastructure-team)
  • I don’t care but I like to vote!

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I have preference for (multiple choice!)…
  • #infrastructure-team
  • #infra-team
  • one of the others
  • I hate it all

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