When doing Internet Search, old docs are top hit for me

When doing Google search for Fedora information, the top hits for me are usually from old version of Fedora Docs.

Like this search string
Fedora reinstall bootloader

Gives me:

What is the secret to search for latest Fedora technical guides?


Maybe include “site:docs.fedoraproject.org”? I think Fedora’s documentation isn’t the best maintained. It might be a side effect of being a distro that changes alot – who wants to spend time on documentation that will be outdated in a few months?! :slightly_smiling_face: For very complex stuff, I often end up using documentation from Arch’s Wiki (which is absolutely incredible; I don’t know how they do it).

Other than that, there is a “Tools” button that will allow you to filter the search results to a specific time period.


Indeed. If I’m not wrong, @ankursinha already reported that such site should be dropped


Yes, please see:


Pinging the ticket again now.

For the time being, to use Fedora documentation, please use site:docs.fedoraproject.org ... as suggested above. A search function is in the works, but is apparently a little complex to set up:



If you can help, please comment on the tickets :slight_smile:


The HTML pages at https://docs.pagure.org/docs-fedora/ are now removed.

For a little context here, that repo and those built HTML pages were just a proof of concept site for Fedora Documentation before the current solution was chosen.


When I Google searched for “dnf disable a repo”, without any arguement, the top hit is


Which is the Admin guide for Fedora 23.

That cannot be helped. Search engines use different strategies to “rank” pages. Pages that have been around for longer tend to have better ranking. If someone has SEO skills and knows how to “downrank” old pages and so on, please consider contacting the docs team to help.

Note that on Google, you are also seeing “recommended” articles based on your personal search history.


Thanks for the explanations.

That search is without Google Login. And Duckduckgo also return the same top hit.

Can those extremely old versions of documents (say 5 versions old) be taken offline or to an archive site with Google Search indexing disabled? Will it help more recent document be found?

I honestly don’t know. This has been discussed before already but we haven’t managed to really take any action about this. See:





I guess someone needs to take ownership of the task and get it done. Any volunteers?

@mattdm @bcotton : any thoughts on this?

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Thank you very much for digging up all the information!

I hope Fedora documentation situations can improve fast such that we can reduce the reliance on ArchWiki.


Even with “site:docs.fedoraproject.org”, old version docs are higher than newer version ones.

Is there any reason why there is no built-in search options in the docs.fp.o site?

Fedora appears to be working on this issue: Issue #2: Add Search - docs-fp-o - Pagure.io

The last post on that ticket was 1 month ago.


Scroll up: :slight_smile:

I’ve said this before: it’s a matter of someone having enough time to work on it. If folks here can help, that’ll be great.


Thanks for the reminder.

Sorry for noise!

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Once you initiate the search you will see a list of options just below the search bar:

All Videos News Shopping Images More Settings Tools

Select Tools to search by week, month, year, etc.

Is that what you mean?

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As I’ve said in bugs and on IRC for years, Please just NUKE the old Fedora docs. There is ZERO justification for having ANY documentation for unsupported Fedora releases on any Fedora site. The Wayback Machine exists for a reason. I also provided detailed suggestions in RH bug 1435506 (closed in favor of Pagure bugs) how to de-emphasize old docs and incomplete foreign translations, but that’s difficult. Instead of polishing a t**d, flush it and lose weight and psychic burden.

I promise I will send $100 via PayPal to any sysadmin who summons the courage to do the right thing and rm -rf all Fedora documentation for unsupported releases. IT HAS NEGATIVE VALUE!


I am against removing the old documentation for documents that simply don’t have a newer version.
I’m not exactly sure which documents that are, but I couldn’t find a current version of the “Security Guide”. Probably that had been incorporated into other documents.

Hi @skierpage: Happy welcome!

Yeh, at this point, I’m happy to remove older docs too. I think the worry always is that one has to go through all our resources and update any references to these first—which makes this task also quite a hard one to do.

I’ll keep pinging the docs team and see what we can do here. if you’re happy to help, please comment on the tickets I’ve linked above. Having more hands working on this will make it much easier to carry out.

Well, it’s going to be summer and I wanted to take my racing bike out and ride a lot of kilometres this summer. I’m not so deep into the topic but adjusting an older document-version to a newer OS-release sounds fine for me.
Ohm, marking old documents doesn’t sound fine.

Has all relevant information from the “old” docs been ported to the “new” docs?
Anythin relevant guide missing?