When doing Internet Search, old docs are top hit for me

That, unfortunately, is the question that has not yet been answered. It’s a lot of effort to go through all the old docs to verify if all the bits that are still applicable have been moved to new docs somewhere—and that’s one of the bottlenecks that’s keeping folks from dropping the old docs completely.

Does someone want to take ownership of this task and see what needs to be done? I’m happy to help, but I can’t lead this particular project. I just don’t have enough free cycles now or in the coming months.

I can help here too, but do not want to take a lead, since I’m new here.
By the way: site:docs.fedoraproject.org works pretty fine.
Wait, need to check something first…

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I think the main problem is, that in the doc’s, the Fedora version appears. A good ranking should not be discarded after every release change. We should use aliases instated.

For example (in the moment):

Rawhide > F35
Stable > F34
Old-stable > F33

This aliases should be Indexed by Search engines and not more. If there is a dead link because of changes we should redirect the 404 to an info-page who enplanes what is going on behind.


404 Error, this link changed or is not valid anymore, please check the change-log and/or search in an other version (archive) what you are looking for.

The error page should include the change-log link to rawhide stable and old-stable and a internal search engine form to browse/search the archive.

If we get a new rawhide like F36, F35 gets stable and F34 old-stable.
Then when we get an error 404 in rawhide links, we forward to stable. If an error in stable we forward to old-stable. If an error in old-stable we forward to the archive browse/search engine.

Sounds very easy but has to be “married” with the existing workflow, so just give this task to a new enthusiast will probably fail because of missing knowledge.


I would prefer a search box within the page and most pages I use have already implemented an elastic search-engine within their pages.
Sending search request to the big-players comes out of fashion.

I agree Documentation is a big problem and new joins might not have enough knowledge to contribute.

But there must be simpler tasks waiting to be done.

It is of course difficult when things have already been discussed on other sites. I invite you to be more transparent, so anyone can contribute.

I am against removing the old documentation for documents that simply don’t have a newer version.
I’m not exactly sure which documents that are

You’re conflating the hard problem of improving current documentation with the easy problem of getting rid of old stuff.

Just delete the old pages! The Security Guide will remain at https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/19/html/Security_Guide/index.html for decades to come. It is far more likely that someone relying on some old guide will complain about its removal than anyone working on documentation will have the time for the difficult job of “figure out what old documentation still applies and doesn’t have replacements”.

I guess no one feels they have the ability to be brave and do what is undeniably the right thing.

I’m not some rando on the net, I’ve been a technical writer for years. I built an entire internal site to preserve old web pages. But we have the Internet Archive now. Please value the time and sanity of users of supported Fedora versions more than a theoretical handful of users depending on old pages.


No, as I noted, it’s about finding the time to take up this rather large task, part of which is finding consensus in the community to the right path of action. The work itself is also not quite as simple as hitting a delete button somewhere—one has to figure out the different infrastructure bits that were used over the years and so on. If you can do it, please join the documentation team and help them get this done. Commenting here saying “someone should do it” won’t do much, I’m afraid. :confused:

PS: I’ve removed the link to the website you posted.

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Yes, but I assume that RHCE level of knowledge and skills is mandatory for such a topic, right?

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But I guess community consensus on what to be done need to archive first.

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No, not at all. A majority, if not all of us volunteers “learn on the job”. So you can get started and figure things out as you with the help of others from the community.

Take a look here: Docs Project - Fedora Project Wiki


I believe that’s a bit clearer now.

Actually, I wanted to expand my cluster a bit. That is somehow not entirely concerning the operating system level, but is has a lot of areas in common.
Slowly it’s getting so warm in the attic apartment that I have to switch off my servers in the foreseeable future.

Actually, I should get myself a hammock and hang out in it the hole day.
I’ve already been in contact with someone before you and we’ll see what we can do.