Where should I start to be a contributor?

Hello all
I am a professor and use R programming for data science. I have been using Linux and particularly fedora since 2010. Since 2017 I am using fedora as my primary OS.

I am interested in learning Linux and contribute to the fedora community. Could you suggest me Where should I start and what topics should I learn if I want to contribute to fedora.



I’ve opened a new “Welcome to Fedora!” ticket for you here:


it just has a few links to help you get a good idea of how, what, and why the Fedora community does what it does. So, that’s the suggested starting point :slight_smile:


Thanks you so much. @ankursinha :+1:

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Given your experience, you may be interested particularly in

Thank you for the links. This sounds interesting as well. Will start from here and move to further levels.