Which services to disable on fedora 34 for home use

And you don’t need gnome software if you use dnf as I do. I removed package kit and don’t have any of the annoying update notices nor the attempted updates at shutdown time. This worked for me in the past to disable the updates at shutdown time.

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Ok, so, are gnome software in flatpaks? This is new to me

No, not all or even much of it. Most of it is handled by dnf. But I discovered after removing packagekit that some few freedesktop packages are supplied as Flatpaks, so without Gnome Software (the application) handling them automatically, I have to run “flatpak update” to keep those in sync.

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If you mean, “can you install gnome-software via a flatpak?”, I don’t know that answer but I don’t think it matters either way. If you don’t have packagekit installed, gnome software won’t be able to install software from the repos.

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My laptop boots in less than 20 seconds and shuts off in less than 3 seconds, a ThinkPad X270 with the simplest processor and SSD configured with one BTRFS partition, EFI and boot. A Red Hat workstation is even quicker with an NVMe M 2 bootable device and two SSD.

There’s two approaches to modern computing, hands off with an easy graphical interface or hands on in the grit … GUI for consumers go back to SmallTalk from Xerox PARC that inspired from the beginning Macintosh allowing Microsoft to commercialize Word and Excel, magnificent apps that I used as soon as they were launched in beta version. Linux is no more than a development of UNIX BSD, a fork of DARPA program MULTICS at the very start of the cold war used by developers with NASA to simulate landing possibilities on solar system planets or beyond. Berkeley Software Department is an essential fork used for university library database, the adventure with NASA is the roots of an efficient operating system used in top ten pick of leading supercomputers.

Linux developers try to stay close to the market pushing this or that inspired by Windows or Apple … normal. If you want to experience hands off in the grit just download Fedora or Ubuntu server version with no interface, nothing … needs a bit of brain power.

I don’t use the Gnome Software app as it gives silly offers for firmware going nowhere with the Xeon E3 4 core processor sent by Lenovo on an online account with specific hardware being a smartcard interface. Uninstalled using DNF as far more performing … FlatPak by Red Hat followed by Snap from Canonical are simple containerized apps trying to remove dependencies.

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So I masked packagekit and yet my computer is taking about 2 mins to shutdown :pensive: