Who is responsible for the community managers on the chats?


Once more today I’ve witnessed a incident occurring on the chat and for once I wasn’t implicated.
So for once I would like to have an open discussion about who is appointing the community managers and how are they appointed. I’m just fed up that kind of things to occur and actually it’s becoming anxiety-provoking at such a point that I can’t even post on those chats without even any kind of stress and I know that several people that have told me so on Telegram are feeling that too or something alike.
So how are we going to discuss and address this?
Thanks in advance for the time that the com. managers would take on that subject to answer me.

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That’s quite unfortunate to hear. If this is telegram, you can locate the channel administrators in the list of users in the channel. Please point out any conversations that aren’t in the spirit of the Code of Conduct to the administrators.


That would be the first step here.

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okey. thanks for the link that I will obviously put in perspective to what I’m feeling about the different incidents I’ve witnessed or in which I’ve participated and that I feel in some way victim actually.

In the mean time may I here express some of my concerns about some baseline of what should an interaction between a community manager and a user should be? Here I mean and have your input or even any other people that I feel concerned or invested in this subject?

It’s actually something that takes a big toll on me, I have a lot of screenshots to demonstrate the point of view, I don’t know if I should scrub the names from them for example? And I’m sure I would come up with other practical question on how to express it.

Ideally I don’t want to point out one particular person even if it’s one particular person that causing us problems apparently, but I think this discussion should be at first more in some general purposes and some more philosophical point of view first. Only then we could discuss, based on a consensus that we could agree on, point out to particular incident. Would it sound be fair enough?

Sorry for those questions but I don’t really actually know how you trat those kind of mattrs generally and as I said I want it as open as I can do it.

And also why I want this debate open, it’s because I might maybe be a marginal. I might be paranoid or maybe take things the wrong way.
I might also be just out of the norm that is acceptable or not.
So I need references too, and obviously references needs to come from you and to what you are all think to actually get to a consensus about if I’m crazy to actually think like that or if I actually may be have a point . That’s what it’s all about.

Well, what you’re saying now is quite vague, so it’s hard to help. I have a few queries, that you should be able to answer without taking names:

  • What do you mean by “community manager”? We’re all volunteers here, and interactions between all of us happen in good faith as the code of conduct will show you. We attempt to always be “excellent to each other”.

  • Can you tell us about what happened without taking names?

  • What channel did this happen on? (so that we can include the admins of those channels in the conversation)

We won’t engage in a general debate on the topic. That doesn’t get us anywhere. We can discuss the specific issues and work on those.

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I’ve giving an example to my other thread because it was directly link and a perfect example why the more knowledgeable should enlighten me. So sorry then to have given names.
I didn’t read your previous post at the time, I can change the image if needed or you can because of your rights on the forums.

So what happens during the last 2 years. (Because yes it’s a long due problem which I already complained of it publicly on telegram.

  • public humiliation
  • making fools of others when they are actually simply stating problems that they have-> which means that they were feeling already bad about themselves, at. Least narcissistically because of their unability to resolve their problems
  • intervene to just to be assertive about their point of views
  • no consideration whatsoever for the distress that the other one can feel
  • no consideration that maybe they don’t know everything ?
  • not giving even the benefits of the doubt
  • and if I should mention my feeling about this, it ressembles at this guys who builds his rockets because he didn’t believe that the earth wasn’t round actually

And all of that, is being done by people who have actual rights since they have a title in telegram chat -> having a title = having some rights and some hierarchy power than a simple lambda user.

And I didn’t mention with all that the support that they of course have which ressemble to a cult which adds to the public humiliation, and if I should take a Godwin point for my statement : it’s really becoming of something like a pogrom during Second World War.

So yes it’s pretty much important, unsettling, and transforming which supposed to be a community into a « everyone that has not the same point of view than me, just get the hell out ».

So again I would like to have a debate about this with publicly posted proofs and demonstration because for once I would like to proof that I’m not imagining things and that it’s not just coming from me.
So how should I proceed and what should be the terms of that?

This is not something that needs debating. If you think someone’s behaviour did not follow the Code of Conduct, you follow the process outlined in the code of conduct and file a ticket with the council who will take this further.

Communities always have people with differing views. We do not want everyone to agree. What we want is that everyone disagrees while being excellent to each other.



First of all, it would be useful to know the context. What happened, what it was said, why, which group, etc.
Second, “community managers” like most if not all of the work in Fedora is… well, community work. There’s no “higher authority” appointing people to work here or there. People take up tasks as they see fit, and keep working or stop according to their time, willingness and skills.
Third, from one of your messages it appears as if no one has ever taken action, so my question is: When those events (whatever they were) took place, were any measures taken? Did any response came from whoever was modding/administrating that channel or group? Did anything at all happen?

Kind regards,

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They’re following the suggested process, so I expect it will get discussed there in detail.

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Oh, good, thank you. Sorry I didn’t see you closed the thread. My mistake.