Why 'Ask Fedora' threads get locked (so soon)?

Yes the point may be that it will cause only short replys “works for me” etc. stuff…

6 months? Well kind of long :smiley: I personally would go for max. 90.



Sure, but isn’t that a completely different than what the OP was asking about?

I thought the original premise was that the OP was trying to edit an old post to clarify something they had written in the past and your response was that they should create a new post which seems messy to me from a maintenance perspective.

As a compromise, why not change the rules around editing posts? That way you could still keep people from bumping or commenting on others old problems but allow posts to be edited so that the information was as accurate as possible.

But at that time the solution worked for them and they marked an answer as the solution.
If after six months such solution (that in this specific case, as far as I know it is still correct) doesn’t work anymore, then something has changed in their configuration or on how things works right now. So it is better to open a new topic: “hey friends! Such solution [link] that used to work, doesn’t work anymore”. IMHO.

Not to say that this is not a site to keep documentation and it is not a wiki. I don’t see the point to edit past posts.

I think that Discourse already allow that by way of Trust Levels. The more you are active on the forum, the more you level up, gaining more rights.
I.e. Trust Level 2 users can “Edit their own posts for up to 30 days after posting”.

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The problem is, given the discourse search algorithm, that will be very difficult for someone else to find. The chance of them finding the wrong solution is very high.

Let me ask the question a different way, what harm comes from letting people edit posts for a longer period of time? Since I am a moderator on other Linux forums, I fully understand the frustration of people adding unrelated issues to old posts. However, that doesn’t apply to edits. About the worst thing that happens with editing of older topics is someone purging their own content but this is both relatively uncommon and not that hard to revert if you want to.

Two things. First, while it is very easy to achieve TL2, the low post volume here makes it quite difficult to get to TL3 naturally. Second, 30 days is a really short period of time.

The reality is that the solutions posted in this forum are often better anything any Fedora wiki has. Why not let people maintain them if they so choose?

This is the Discourse’s default. I don’t know if @admins can change that. They can?

I believe that is all configurable.

It will be great if we can have a dedicated Category for Article types (HowTos or Tips) - when they are mature enough, the Author (or other user) can create quickdocs accordingly.

For this Category, allow a longer period for edit and reply.

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People is more than welcome to submit quick docs right now. As well as submit articles to the Fedora Magazine. Without having to post here first :relaxed:

It is not required post here first, but:

  • we can develop collectively here
  • quick docs create / edit require a setup process. (As a matter of fact, I still cannot manage to setup myself correctly.)
  • writing quick docs need to study the markup language

Well. As far as I could agree that contributing to quick docs is not trivial and it requires a great learning curve, at least compared to a wiki or to a forum, this is another point. We are not talking about this issue here. You could open a discussion with the documentation team if you want to raise this issue.

I think it is some how related, as there are several types of posts:

  1. Q&A
  2. Open Ended Discussion
  3. Hints and HowTos

And I consider the auto close of the thread should be different according to the types.

My reasoning is like this:
For Q&A, closing after 30 days is usually fine.
For Hints / Open discussions, 30 days is too short.

That is why I want to have extra Categories having longer discussion periods. Which Hints / mini-HowTos is one of the target posts.

So, only after a topic is solved, it is closed after 28 days of inactivity. It is not closed if it hasn’t been solved. If a topic is solved, then the discussion is over and if it does not see a reply for a particular amount of time, the implication is that there’s nothing more to say and so it should be closed. Any new or related discussions should happen in a new topic which can of course refer to the old topic (I know it isn’t obvious, but that’s a Discourse thing and we can’t change it—please file an issue on the Discourse Meta forum and maybe they’ll improve it: https://meta.discourse.com).

In general, Discourse is designed for individuals to ask their questions and get personalised solutions. If there’s an open ended discussion to be had, it shouldn’t be marked as solved, which means that it won’t be closed.

Additionally (and this has been discussed many a time), with Fedora’s short release cycle, one should not assume that the information that was valid for F33 will apply to F34 or later releases. It may, and if it’s general enough to transcend Fedora releases, it should end up in docs somewhere :slight_smile:

Here are actions that we can take to improve the situation:

  • increase the period before posts are closed after being marked as solved—this can be done in the admin settings. How is 60 or 90 days for example? About half a release cycle? Would that much be sufficient to indicate that a solved topic is inactive?
  • add the “follow up” tip to the getting started docs, point it out to new users
  • encourage more people to organise topics better—for example, if you see a post without a tag with information about a fedora release, add it. Or if you are responding to a query, ask the topic opener to mention what version of fedora they’re using (it’s the first thing we should ask anyway—fpaste --sysinfo works great for this). Having more active users curating posts would really improve the quality of the topics.
  • mark “open ended” discussions so that we can move them to the #community:contributing-to-fedora category with the aim of converting the information there to a quick-doc. That’s better than a special category IMO.

Any other ideas?


We might be able to do something with the theme — or even the plugin? — to make the follow-up question option easier to find.


+1 If this can be done, it’ll help a lot.

Yes, improve the visibility of linked topics will solve the “cannot post reply” issues to locked topics.

If anyone need to edit a locked post, for obvious and critical typos, we can tag a moderator for help.

This will be very helpful.


That would be a very good solution :bangbang:

I’ll ask in the Solved plugin development forurm – it seems like a generally-useful feature.


Oh yeah. Turns out I already did. See RFE for Solved plugin: make "new topic" more obvious - feature - Discourse Meta. And the thing they came up with is an educational message which comes up when one starts a reply to a solved topic.

So, I think maybe we should try not closing solved topics and see how that works.

Alternately, I can go back and say “this is nice, but we’d also like something more visible on closed solved topics”…

What do you think?

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That sounds good. Totally worth giving this a go.

Yeah, let’s try it, and if it’s not working we can make a new request. I’ve set it to not close posts now… let’s see what happens!

(And I’ve marked this post as the solution here, so you can reply to it and see what the notice looks like.)