Why do 'Ask Fedora' threads/topics get locked (so soon)?

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I do like the alert as proposed from @hhlp and asked me if it is not possible to add a follow up question link like new topic:

start a new follow up question based on this problem

In the end it is just a link created with the title of the topic and the position of the request (see URL | last number), mentioning the continuation of the request.

As an alternative, i do like the fact, when i mark a request or part of it i have the possibility to quote in the topic. Would it not be possible generally also be able to create a new topic with the quote?

A quote does link as a follow up question , I just have to press the arrow to follow up the request.

I made this new follow-up topic to see how it works with the ranking while searching about this topic alias problem.

I think that’s a good suggestion – maybe one for https://meta.discourse.org/

Is there a discourse playground where can be made some tests? Would be nice to see behind the curtains once how this discourse works.

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No, the only playgraound is for THEMES not for the site, you need to install it in your BOX via container.


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