Why does the "Communtiy Discussion Channels" hyperlink point to an old page?

Confused why you would point to a page and advertise “old page” when you follow said link…


Yes, we are aware of it, but there are decisions behind that and they are currently being promoted and discussed, fedora has grown a lot and we have to tune certain things, more information in this ticket


The new Place will be here:


NOTE: meanwhile we will refer to this site until it is updated




I think until that supposed “Community Discussion Channels” site has been refreshed and things are sorted, we should remove the link in the header again. It makes little sense to link to a target titled Community Discussion Channels to present 5 additional Quick Links, and then the next thing is “Help Youself

we had the discussion before, I know, just can’t find it right now.

Also note that the page being marked as old does not mean that all the information there is outdated. Most of it is correct—the admon simply means that it’s been a while since the info was verified so there may be some info that is out of date.

Edit: any takers to go through the page and point out info that’s outdated? Doesn’t require any tech skills, only needs time :slight_smile:

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