Why I Can't see my Post, and the system confirmed that I did so? (Common for all Language-Category)

Throughout all this time that we have active discourse, I’ve still seen exporadically POST waiting to be confirmed/approved.

This is basically simple you’re Posting in the wrong Category:

The top level categories (_Language_) are limited to **announcements**. They are, therefore, moderated. Please feel free to post to these. A member of staff will be notified and will take the required actions.
Next, the sub-categories are identical for all supported languages, and these are where you should post your questions/discussions. Please use these for anything at all that you’d like to discuss/ask/share. These are intentionally very broad:
    discussions about using Fedora
    discussions about installing or upgrading Fedora

and NOT, we aren’t Lazzy, We still here to confirm/approve as usual only for share/prevent, and the USER you get the answer from the community as soon as possible…

Welcome and Don’t forget to give it a drive for:


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