Why IBM/RedHat and Fedora hates Richard Stallman?

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Not much can be said that hasn’t been said already.

I can say from my own point of view (not meant to represent Red Hat’s or anyone in the Fedora Project’s) that illegal does not mean without consequences. I don’t think “hate” is the right word as much as “fed up” is. Freedom from the law does not mean freedom from consequences. This is a compilation of much of the problematic behavior. (I do not necessarily agree with the letter itself).

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As this topic is being actively discussed in discussion.fp.o, I think we do not need another separate discussion here.


I can’t help but suspect that big corporations like IBM and are trying to subvert the GPL and Linux in general because they hate freedom.

If you really look into what RMS supposedly did that was so horrible- it’s really nothing. He made some comments about ped0 Jeffrey Epst.ein years ago that some people thought were insensitive. Of course the online social justice outrage mobs love a chance to demonize someone who promotes freedom. So it’s a great opportunity for IBM to exploit by sicking their little attack dogs on him while posing as champions for social justice (the same IBM that did such a great job keeping track of German concentration camp inmates in WW2)

Stallman is entitled to his opinion just like anyone else. You don’t have to agree with it.

Every time we use GNU Coreutils in a shell try them with the -v flag and see who wrote those tools. It’s not the cancel culture warriors who have worked tirelessly for decades to promote software freedom. It’s people like RMS.

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