Why my disk still has Ext4 and FAT after a fresh F33 installation?

I installed Fedora 33 Beta freshly a couple of days ago. During the installation, I chose the default partition.

My computer has two disks. The SSD disk only has one partition that uses Btrfs and its device is /dev/nvme0n1p1. The size says 1.0 TB — 4.8 TB free (1844299466.5% full).

The other disk has three partitions. Partition 1 uses FAT and its device is /dev/sda1 and size says 629 MB — 607 MB free (3.6% full).

Partition 2 uses Ext4 and its device is /dev/sda2 and size says 1.1 GB — 760 MB free (29.2% full).

Partition 3 uses Btrfs and its device is /dev/sda3 and size says 4.0 TB (3,999,082,217,472 bytes).

I thought all partitions will use Btrfs in F33. Is there anything wrong with my F33 file system? If yes, what should I do? Thanks.

FAT partition should be the EFI one, while the ext4 partition should be the /boot one. So it is OK.
I’m not sure, but the only thing to take into account is that the btrfs one is sparsed across two disks.

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This, also probably selecting NVME as bootloader drive would have placed EFI and /boot partitions on it and improve boot-up speed a bit.

Do you mean this is what it is supposed to be?

Does that change all partitions into Btfs?

No, that would not change their filesystems, they would only work faster, thanks to NVME drive.
EFI is supposed to be FAT formatted (so that other systems could read/write it).
/boot, for now, is automatically ext4 formatted - but you should be able to manually choose btrfs for it and Fedora, since (I think) 32, should boot. After some fixes/testing to bootloaders, anaconda and blivet, /boot will probably also use brtfs by default.

If Fedora chooses to make /boot use Brtfs in the future, do I need to have a fresh installation to make that change happen for my computer?

We’ll see. There’s a tool converting ext4 to btrfs. It was too much of a risk to use it automatically on diverse systems’ / or /home, but, I suppose, it could be done on /boot if no other system uses it. Expect at least instructions on how to do it.