Will Plasma 5.21 come for Fedora 33? Or Do we have to wait until Fedora 34?

I am keen to see the better support for Wayland, since I have a laptop screen @ FullHD and an external screen at 4k UHD. I’d like to have different scaling on those two screens. Plasma on Wayland supports this, but in 5.20 there are plenty of bugs, though.

what are the odds to do something bad to my system when installing Plasma 5.21 from rawhide onto my Fedora 33 like this?

dnf --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=rawhide --allowerasing --releasever=34 install @kde-desktop-environment

(--allowerasing would be needed to fix some issues related to media playback due to the switch to pipewire. As far as I see nothing really bad, some media tools are affected, nothing crucial)