Windmill-tilting ... what do you all think about renaming "fedora-35", etc, to "fedora-linux-35"?

I have a long-standing … attempt… to slowly influence people to think of “Fedora” as the project and the community, and “Fedora Linux” as one of the things we produce. (Like, “Red Hat” is not “RHEL”, “Microsoft” is not “Microsoft Windows”, etc.

What do you think about renaming the fedora-## tags on this site to fedora-linux-##? This is easily done in the UI, and will also automatically remap future uses of fedora-## to the corresponding long form.


What do you think?
  • Yes: I agree his is important! Do it!
  • Yes: Okay, sure, go ahead, Don Quixote.
  • No: It’s too long.
  • No: It’s better as is for some other reason.

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I kind of want a “Yes, but it’s too long” option ;-). I agree with the motivation for the change, but it will start adding up in size for threads that are tagged for multiple releases. Would it make any sense to go for something like “fl##”, or is that too far in the other direction?

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Hmmm, interesting. I could be convinced to go in the shorter direction – especially with some automatic remaps so if people try to type “fedora 35” it’ll get redirected.

Complicating everything, though, we’ve never really used fl35 anywhere. We still use F35 as short for “Fedora Linux 35”. And even more confusing, packages still have fc35, which originally meant “Fedora Core ##”, but now ostensibly means “Fedora Collection” … or something.

I voted already, but after thinking about it, I may have voted too soon. I think I understand where you’re coming from but can you elaborate on why you think this is an important distinction to make?

In my head there is already a distinction between the project, community, and the product. Currently though, it seems that the project is referred to as “Fedora Project” (it’s even the domain name). So it seems like at the same time you want to shorten that to just “Fedora”?

If this is the first step to broader changes, I think it’s fine, but it really will need to be very consistent across the board to make it stick. But it seems like there will be a lot of impacts. The various Linux products are just named “Fedora X”, where X is “Workstation” or “IoT” or “Server”. Would these be renamed to “Fedora Linux X”? And the domain “”…to “”?

To be honest, I believe that relatively short labels often lead to more successful use, reducing mostly irrelevant information and saving time and space, so moving to longer labels kind of goes against the natural order. :sweat_smile:


We’re probably dropping in the new redesign, so I can avoid answering that question. Things like “Fedora Worksation” or “Fedora IoT” already have an individual noun, so they don’t bother me. They are all clearly Fedora things.

Part of the reason is that I want to highlight all of those different things. But also, when people equate the specific distro with what we do as a project, people end up saying things like “Copr isn’t Fedora”, or “ELN isn’t Fedora” or “EPEL isn’t Fedora”… you get the idea. Those things are all "Fedora Project’, but not “Fedora Linux”. This limits us.

So, I want to emphasize the distinction.

That said, in this particular case, one can argue that “Fedora 35” is clearly “Fedora Linux 35”, not “Fedora Project 35”. So it’s not a huge deal to me as some other places (like, our release announcements).

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Okay, so … what about taking that to the logical conclusion?

Given that this is is a Fedora forum, we could do… just numbers? Like, #35 #36 #37?

Just numbers!?
  • That’s crazy
  • Ooh clever

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That makes sense! I think making the further distinction for Fedora Linux vs Fedora can be worthwhile in changing this perception.

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Alright, I’m gonna go ahead and do this based on the poll. Most people think I’m silly, and a few agree that it’s important. I’ll take it. :classic_smiley:

To the not-insignifcant number of you who think it’s too long… let’s try it for a couple of weeks and then see what we think. We can always put it back. I’m setting an :alarm_clock: to remind me to check back with a followup.