Wired connection: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 returns - Activation of network connection failed - on Fedora 30

Thanks for your input nightromantic. The Ethernet card on my Windows-installed laptop has been faulty for years, even when I was living at other properties. I’m wondering whether the problem is the Vaio itself - on the whole not liking Fedora. Even now I find that it won’t detect my Tablet or headset via Bluetooth while the Toshiba will (while booted from the USB).

Can you give us picture of modem you connect Ethernet cable. Normally modem have 4 ports and one for network in.Best will be if you can test with router directly connect with your Ethernet cable just to test you will got internet connection.

I’m afraid I’ve not been at all thorough, of the two modems they both have LAN ports. I connected to the other and I am now messaging you from the Vaio. I’m sorry that I had you all scratching your heads over this. So, the Ethernet is working I’ll now check my other issues. This could be really embarrassing for me yet.

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No problem, glad to help. Sometimes, all you really need is a sounding board. So, fire away!

For future reference, although the two modems are identical the labeling (PQE & LAN) is, per chance, situation differently; one set of labels on the face of one modem and one set on the top of the other. From my apparent view, seeing as they are situated high up, I saw only one modem as necessarily labelled.