YouTube channels for Linux news and updates

Hi, I want to know as a linux user, which YouTube channels you like to watch, for Linux news and updates!

I am new to Linux, i love YouTube so much for consuming information, your recommendation will help me

I very seldom use youtube.

I would caution you against relying too heavily on youtube for linux issues. What works perfectly well for the one creating the video may fail miserably for you. Your hardware is likely different, software packages installed are likely different, and even your current update status is likely different than it may have been at the time the video was created.

While the video may be a good general process guide, the details may not be so good.

I know youtube linux guide videos are not trustworthy

But, what i am asking is about linux news type video channels

Here are four podcast links, yes, no yt


I switched to Odysee but you can find the same content on youtube

The Linux Experiment
Mental Outlaw
Tech Hut
Linux For Everyone
Chris Titus Tech

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The linux Experiment listerner/viewer here also. I love Nick and the way he explains stuff… .maybe because we are both coming from the same economics background and PM development path. and he is funny… in his french way :smiley:
For PT-BR I check Diolinux but not that fond…

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OpenShift is the only Linux related channel I follow. I don’t follow any other Linux related channels because so many depend on VirtualBox or they cover the same basic to some intermediate topics.